Holistic has worked extensively for foreign clients in Poland

Holistic is a construction company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, specializing in rapid mobilization.


Holistic Construction is a company with a diverse range of skills and expertise in construction. One of our specialities is the rapid and efficient erection of tents of all sizes, from small temporary structures to large-scale rigid and semi rigid tents specifically designed for our client divers needs.

Additionally, Holistic Construction is experienced in the installation of concrete barriers providing our clients with reliable and effective protection for their projects. With our commitment to delivering construction solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs, Holistic Construction can rapidly mobilize to any location in Poland and deliver with a short lead time

Demolish and Rebuilding

Windows and glass


Holistic Construction is able to source and deliver a wide range of construction equipment and shipping containers quickly and efficiently. With our extensive network of suppliers and partners, they can rapidly mobilize equipment to any part of Poland, enabling them to begin work on projects with minimal delay. Moreover, we are committed to maintaining our equipment to the highest standards, ensuring that it operates at peak performance levels, and delivering high-quality construction projects that meet their client’s needs.

Additionally we are able to provide and maintain Electrical Generators and on-site lighting equipments fully installed and cabled as part of our turkey solutions provided.


Holistic Construction is committed to delivering innovative and effective construction solutions to its clients. One of our unique capabilities is the design, installation, and deployment of turnkey internet and Wi-Fi solutions to remote locations where internet and GSM connectivity is unavailable or weak. We have the expertise to create custom solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs, ensuring reliable and fast internet connectivity, even in challenging terrain. 

Additionally, we are able to offer installation of CCTV security networks, providing our clients with added security. With our attention to detail and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions, Holistic Construction is a trusted partner for any project that requires these specialized services.


Holistic Construction understands the importance of reliable and efficient logistics when it comes to construction projects. We have the expertise and resources to provide rapid and reliable logistics support services that cover the entirety of Poland. This includes the transportation of heavy equipment and shipping containers, which we can move quickly and safely to the project site, ensuring that construction work can commence without delay.

Additionally, Holistic Construction offers a custom clearance service as part of its logistics support, making the process of moving equipment and materials into Poland as smooth and hassle-free as possible for our clients.

Holistic is a construction company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, specializing in rapid mobilization. Holistic has worked extensively for the US military in Poland, delivering high-quality construction projects that meet the client’s requirements and standards. With a proven track record of successful projects, Holistic has become a go-to contractor for clients who demand exceptional quality and timely delivery. The company’s expertise includes building construction, bridge construction, and road paving, all delivered with the utmost attention to detail and precision.